VUSSP Doors Reopened!



Thursday August 31, 2023


(Atlanta, GA) After 17 years the Virtual United States Space Program (VUSSP) has finally re-opened its doors to continue its role as a premier virtual space agency within the virtual airline community.  


VUSSP (2.0) will provide all members the ability to pursue multiple simultaneous career tracks within the organization, whether it be virtual pilots wanting to become virtual astronauts and VSA administrators or Mission Controllers.  Or if you want to try your hand at public relations, there are opportunities to get involved in our ‘VUSSP Live‘ 24/7 live streaming channel.  No matter what your interest, there is a niche for everyone if you are an aerospace enthusiast.  All members wishing to follow a non-pilot career track will go through “VUSSP Academy”, which is aimed to provide our members with valuable education and training to perform their roles successfully within the organization.  


While no specific projects or missions have been set as of yet, stay tuned to our website for exciting developments including updates on our upcoming VUSSP Live broadcast line-up!


Welcome to the Virtual United States Space Program!