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Start your exciting new virtual career with the VUSSP!
  • An Original Virtual Space Agency

    VUSSP reopened its doors after 16 years as the original all-inclusive and premier virtual space agency part of the virtual airline community utilizing Microsoft Flight Simulator and OrbiterSim to conduct space flight operations

  • Veteran Owned and Operated VSA

    VUSSP is a veteran owned and operated virtual space agency following authentic military protocols and procedures, ensuring the authenticity of all organizational practices

  • Focused on Creativity

    It has been the highlight of the VUSSP's reputation as the only successful virtual space agency that caters to the creativity and imagination of its members and encourages member-created imaginative and inventive aerospace missions to explore the Earth and our solar system


We are more than your typical VSA

The VUSSP is the only virtual space agency focused on inspiring and encouraging creativity and offering the flexibility of selecting your own virtual career path(s) while providing an immersive experience working for an ultra-realistic virtual space agency.


Start your exciting new virtual career with us!

If you are a virtual pilot looking to take your career to the next level or you're looking to become a mission controller directing a spaceflight mission the VUSSP is your next flight destination.

If you are interested in undertaking the virtual career of a lifetime, dont hesitate and JOIN TODAY and prepare to be taken to new heights!


VUSSP Career Paths

The VUSSP is more than just your typical Virtual Space Agency! VUSSP is a totally immersive virtual online experience and we strive to simulate every faucet of a space agency from the pilot, astronaut, engineer, and mission control perspective. At the VUSSP you can select your own career path (or multiples) and excel in each path you select. All of our career paths available are listed below!

Mission Support

A VUSSP space flight mission cannot succeed without air support provided by our experienced pilots. VUSSP mission support pilots specialize in launch and recovery day operations to support both manned and unmanned missions.

Flight Research

VUSSP pilots conduct airborne research to advance aviation and earth science utilizing specialized aircraft for each flight research mission.

Space Flight Missions

Space flight missions are at the core of what VUSSP is all about. Whether it be a manned or unmanned mission, VUSSP conducts various space missions from unmanned flights studying planets in our solar system to manned missions to earth orbit and to Mars.

Mission Control

No space mission leaves the ground without the support and planning of mission control. Mission Control is the heart of every space flight mission from conception to completion.

Public Relations

VUSSP boosts its online imprint through the hard work of our Public Relations team providing regular coverage of VUSSP events and space flight missions.

VUSSP Academy

VUSSP Academy instructors teach and educate most of VUSSP's members in their specific career paths to ensure they have the knowledge necessary to excel in their virtual career path.


Our Latest Missions

Here's a sneak peek at what VUSSP has been up to lately. Content is updated regularly. Check out our Mission Archives for a more comprehensive listing and gallery of past, current, and future missions and events.


Meet Our Directors

Kayamone Sutton

Founder / Executive Director

Founder of the VUSSP and FS pilot since 2001

Start your exciting new virtual career with us!

News and Updates

Stay up to date with the latest news and upcoming missions. Our News and Updates section is updated regularly so you don't miss what's happening at the VUSSP!
VUSSP Now Accepting Open Member Registrations

VUSSP Now Accepting Open Member Registrations

VUSSP Now Accepting Open Member Registrations FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASESaturday March 23. 2024   (Atlanta, GA)  The Virtual United States Space Program is now open to registrations for all members.  If you are interested in joining the VUSSP in any capacity, please use our member registration form found here.   Additionally, the VUSSP is still looking for individuals interested in becoming…

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VUSSP Looking To Hire Administrators

VUSSP Looking To Hire Administrators

VUSSP Looking To Hire Administrators FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Friday September 8, 2023 (Atlanta, GA)  The VUSSP is currently on the search for its top leadership positions.  While membership registration is currently on hold, the organization is looking to hire individuals for the following positions: Director of Spaceflight Operations Director of Mission Control Operations Director of Aeronautic Operations Director of Public…

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VUSSP Doors Re-Opened!

VUSSP Doors Re-Opened!

VUSSP Doors Reopened!   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday August 31, 2023   (Atlanta, GA) After 17 years the Virtual United States Space Program (VUSSP) has finally re-opened its doors to continue its role as a premier virtual space agency within the virtual airline community.     VUSSP (2.0) will provide all members the ability to pursue multiple simultaneous career tracks within…

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